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  • highly effective hot water extraction carpet cleaning technology
  • innovative eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos and treatments
  • one of the most highly recommended and highly rated carpet cleaning services
  • capable of contracting all types of commercial and residential jobs
  • powerful stain removers, unique odor removers and quick drying times
  • we are happy to provide free no obligation estimates and samples
  • all our staff are fully trained, fully insured, fully certified and polite
  • we can also help you out with sofa, rug, mattress & chair cleaning
  • we accept all major credit cards, EFT, cash, Revolut and cheques


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Innovative Technology

The main reason so many people book our amazing carpet cleaning services is mostly based on our state of the art technology and the excellent stain removal and cleaning power. We do not just deep clean carpets but we blast your carpets with hot steam plus a mixture of 100% eco-friendly stain removers, odor neutralizers, disinfectants & antibacterial agents. In one easy go, we can remove years of impregnated dirt, we can neutralize all the bad odors and we can disinfect the carpet in full. Our powerful hot water Prochem carpet cleaning machines will extract even the finest grain of dust from any type of carpeted floor.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Stain Removing

A dirty and stained carpet can make any property look tired and dated. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely can sort out this issue in no time. We work with a number of professional carpet & fiber stain removers from a number of manufacturers. In other words, we can definitely sort out pretty much any carpet stain in full or partially at least. We can get rid of:

  1. Red Wine Stains
  2. Some Coffee Stains
  3. Some Tea Stains
  4. Most Ketchup Stains
  5. Most Coca Cola Stains
  6. Most Food Stains
  7. All Urine Stains
  8. All Juice Stains

We will assess the condition of your carpets and then we will recommend the best and the most cost effective solution. As we have mentioned above, some of the stains will be removed in full, some of the stains will be made better while some of the stains are unremovable. After the initial assessment, Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely will be able to inform you what kind of results should be expected.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Shampoos

There is a huge difference between non eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and actual eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos. For a professional carpet cleaning shampoo to be called “eco-friendly”, it has to tick a number of boxes. 

  1. Responsibly Made | The chemicals contained within its composition have to be responsibly sourced, non toxic and made from renewable sources
  2. Low Environmental Impact | for a professional carpet cleaning shampoo to be classified eco-friendly, it has to be have a minimal impact on the environment and to fully degrade within a short period of time
  3. Non Toxic & Fume Free | Another essential quality that an eco-friendly shampoo should have is non toxicity and non hazardous. All eco-friendly carpet cleaning products should be asthmatic safe, child safe and pet safe

You are booking Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely because you are fully aware that your carpets will be deep cleaned, disinfected and treated with some of the most advanced carpet cleaning shampoos from well established and respectable brands. If you are looking for more information about our range of carpet care products, please just let us know.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Pricing

What is a great price for carpet cleaning services? There is no fixed price and the price will reflect the size of your property, the condition of your carpets, the kind of extra services needed, the complexity of the job, etc. While most local carpet cleaning contractors will have a standard fee for standard carpet cleaning projects (example : stairs & landing 50 euro to 120 euro), most of the pricing will be based on the requirements and the condition of your carpets. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely has a minimum charge of 60 euro per project. That minimum charge applies to all carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning projects. 

If you are interested in any of our carpet cleaning projects or in any of our other services, you can either book online or if your project is not as straightforward as most carpet cleaning projects, then please call us and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate over the phone.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

A good chunk of our carpet cleaning business is commercial carpet cleaning services. We deal with all types of commercial carpet cleaning customers of all sizes. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely has very flexible terms, we have an easy booking system, we are very easy to approach and we are really good at what we do. Our commercial carpet cleaning estimates will be based on the square footage or square meters. After the initial assessment, we will provide you with a written and detailed estimate that will explain step by step the logistics of the operation. There is no obligation to book our services.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Protectors

Deep cleaning the carpets is just the first step on the road to having spotless carpets for as long as possible. We recommend all customers who have carpeted floors with intense traffic or high risk of staining, to consider our amazing protectors. The protectors used by Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely are 100% eco-friendly, invisible and really provide a great barrier between the dirt and the carpet. A commercial carpet treated with our amazing scotchgard or carpet protectors is likely to stay spotless for much longer, it is likely to accumulate less dirt and it is likely to stain less. The treatment doesn’t take a lot of time, it looks natural and it does not affect the carpets flexibility. 

The same protectors are also recommended for all pet owners or all people with small children. 


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Drying Times

The faster a carpeted floor dries after the deep cleaning the lower the chance of bad odours developing or damp all over the walls. But the drying period can depend on a number of things. Some are up to the carpet cleaning contractor while some depend on the property owner.

  1. A good carpet cleaning machine can extract up to 90% of the water used in the process of the carpet cleaning. Poor quality carpet cleaning machines can only extract 70-80% of the water or even less in some cases.
  2. A well ventilated and heated building will speed up the drying period dramatically. Opening all the windows to create some draft or putting the heating on for a few hours can really make a big difference
  3. Allowing the carpeted floor to dry for a few hours without any traffic is also highly recommended. Do not put the furniture back in the room the minute the contractor is done and try not to use the area for at least 3 hours.

Under normal circumstances where the contractor is using professional carpet cleaning machines, the room is well ventilated, the heating is on and the area was not used for at least 3 hours, you should expect to have the carpets fully dry within 1-5 hours.


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely | Other Services

You do not need to use a number of cleaning contractors to have your carpets done, all your sofas deep cleaned, all your mattresses deep cleaned, all your upholstery and rugs deep cleaned. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely can create a package to cover some or all of the above services. We have the right technology and the right staff to be able to undertake any type of services including:

  1. Deep Sofa Cleaning Services & Sofa Protectors
  2. Deep Rug Cleaning Services & Rug Protectors
  3. Deep Mattress Cleaning & Mattress Protectors
  4. Deep Upholstery Cleaning & Upholstery Protectors

Please book our services online. You can receive an online estimate instantly or if you would like to create your package and save over 30%, then you can call us.


Book your next carpet cleaning project with Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely. We are here to help you out and to provide you with the most affordable and the most cost effective solutions. Our company is fully insured to undertake any type of commercial carpet cleaning project and residential carpet cleaning project. Use Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely on a regular basis and enjoy lower prices, faster services and additional carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely has been deep cleaning carpets since 2007. Over the past number of years we have improved, developed and invested in some of the most advanced carpet cleaning technology. If we can’t do it, no one can. 


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely


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