Carpet Cleaning Dublin

About Us

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dublin is not just another carpet cleaning company. We are not a fresh company looking for a quick profit. Carpet Cleaning Dublin is one of the most well established eco carpet cleaning contractors in Ireland and we have been deep cleaning carpets since 2009. Our company employs highly skilled carpet cleaning specialists capable of dealing with all types of issues and special requests. We use highly advanced carpet cleaning technology that enables us to work faster, better and to provide much more competitive prices. We are one of the most highly recommended and widely used carpet cleaning companies in Ireland because we are very good at what we do, we are reliable, we are affordable, we use professional carpet cleaning technology with only the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos.

Sofa Cleaning

Most people love their sofas and allowing an inexperienced company to deal with it is not a good idea. You want to book our professional sofa cleaning service because you want to deal with a company that over the past 17 years has completed thousands of commercial and residential sofa cleaning projects. You also want to deal with a professional sofa cleaning company that is fully insured, capable of adapting to special requirements and available at short notice. Also, you probably expect to pay a fair price as well. You want to book our sofa cleaning service because you want your sofa deep cleaned with the most advanced sofa cleaning technology, you want it to dry quickly and you want it to be shampooed with 100% eco-friendly sofa cleaning shampoo.

Rug Cleaning

Some rugs can be hundreds of years old. Some other rugs could be handmade. Other rugs can be cheaper but very sensitive. You call us because you love your rug and you want the rug to end up the same after it was cleaned. You hire us because you want your rug deep cleaned by a well established rug cleaning company that over the past 17 bears has completed thousands of similar projects.You want to be treated right and you want to pay the fair price for any rug cleaning services. You also hire us because you want to deal with a fully insured rug cleaning company.

Mattress Cleaning

While there are a number of carpet and sofa cleaning companies out there, there are very few mattress cleaning companies capable of providing good results and able to restore badly stained mattresses. Our company has seen it all and done it all over the past 17 years. We own the right technology and we employ the right people to be able to restore and refresh any type of mattress. We can achieve remarkable results even on mattresses that look hopeless. Even better, we use only eco-friendly mattress cleaning products from Cleanfast and Craftex. We provide free no obligation estimates and we are happy to deal with any commercial mattress cleaning project and any residential carpet cleaning project.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dealing with antique or old upholstery comes with great challenges. You want to remove as much dirt as possible but you also want to preserve the original look of the furniture without messing up the colours. This is the main reason thousands of people have booked our upholstery cleaning services over and over again. Besides our wealth of experience, we have also invested in some of the most advanced upholstery cleaning machines and also the best and the most effective upholstery cleaning products. So, if you are looking for a proper skilled upholstery cleaning service, then you should book us. We are open for business 6 days per week.