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Why Us

Some rugs can be hundreds of years old. Some other rugs could be handmade. Other rugs can be cheaper but very sensitive. You call us because you love your rug and you want the rug to end up the same after it was cleaned. You hire us because you want your rug deep cleaned by a well established rug cleaning company that over the past 17 bears has completed thousands of similar projects.You want to be treated right and you want to pay the fair price for any rug cleaning services. You also hire us because you want to deal with a fully insured rug cleaning company.


Eco Rug Cleaning Products

While a strong carpet cleaning shampoo can easily remove dirt it can also cause permanent damage and discolorations on your rug. We use some of the best and most advanced rug cleaning shampoos that are known to lightly clean and protect the rug while being washed. All our products are wool certified and 100% compatible with all sensitive rugs and fabrics.


Rug Cleaning Dublin uses top of the range hot water extraction systems from Prochem. We will be using a mixture of hot water, softeners, stain removers, disinfectants, odour neutralisers and rug cleaning shampoos to break all the stains, remove odours and restore the original look of the wood. The same process will apply for commercial rug cleaning services and residential rug cleaning services. Our rug cleaning machines are capable of extracting even the finest grain of dust from inside your rug. We are highly efficient, easy to book and highly recommended.


Of course you don’t want to be ripped off but you should expect to pay a decent price for any type of rug cleaning service. Everything about rug cleaning is expensive and it takes longer than deep cleaning carpets. Rug Cleaning Dublin has a minimum charge for rug cleaning services. We are happy to create a special package for you to include a number of rugs, you can save up to 30%. The final price for any type of rug cleaning service will depend on the size of the rug, the type of rug, the condition of the rug and the location of the rug. Send us an online form with a few photos and we will have a price for you in minutes.


We provide professional rug cleaning services in the whole Co Dublin.We deal with thousands of commercial and residential rug cleaning customers. This is the main reason we have put in a place a number of easy payment systems to satisfy all our customers. For all our commercial rug cleaning customers we are happy to issue invoices and receive EFT payments or card payments. Payment over the phone or a pay by link system is also available. For all our residential rug cleaning customers we are happy to issues online invoices and accept card payments, Revolut, cash and cheques.

Give your rugs a makeover with Carpet Cleaning Dublin! With 17 years of experience, our team uses eco-friendly magic to make your rugs look brand new. Booking online is easy and gets you professional, fully insured rug care. And it’s not just about rugs – we’re your go-to for carpet, sofa, rug, mattress, and upholstery cleaning. Make your home feel cleaner and fresher – book with us now!