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Why Us

Dealing with antique or old upholstery comes with great challenges. You want to remove as much dirt as possible but you also want to preserve the original look of the furniture without messing up the colours. This is the main reason thousands of people have booked our upholstery cleaning services over and over again. Besides our wealth of experience, we have also invested in some of the most advanced upholstery cleaning machines and also the best and the most effective upholstery cleaning products. So, if you are looking for a proper skilled upholstery cleaning service, then you should book us. We are open for business 6 days per week.

Types Of Upholstery

It doesn’t matter what type of upholstery furniture you might own, we can help you out. We are happy to create a package to include light upholstery cleaning services, spot removal or heavy duty upholstery cleaning services. If you are looking for a quick stain removal job after an accidental spill, we are happy to do that as well. Upholstery Cleaning Dublin is one of the most highly recommended and most well established eco upholstery cleaning companies in Dublin. We are happy to book newish upholstery items but we are also happy to  deal with classic and antique upholstery. Our company provides free no obligation estimates to all commercial upholstery cleaning projects and residential upholstery cleaning projects.

How Is It Done

On average, deep cleaning a 3 seat upholstery furniture should take around 1 hour if there are no serious stains or extra services. Some upholstery cleaning projects could take much longer or much less. We will inform you in good time about how long it will take and everything about drying periods. We will deep clean your furniture inside your house while minding your floors. Our products are pet and child safe so you have nothing to worry about.

Our company uses a hot water extraction system from Prochem. We will mix up a number of upholstery cleaning shampoos, softeners, disinfectants and odour neutralizers with warm water. The mixture will be applied to your upholstery with special upholstery tools. Each individual cleaning product serves a clear purpose. The softeners will soften up dirt and prepare the fabric for extraction. The disinfectant will neutralize harmful bacteria and mites. The odour neutralizers will neutralize all kinds of bad odours like urine, body fluids, pets, food, damp and other types of bad odours. Finally, the upholstery cleaning shampoo will remove all the impregnated dirt and it will soften up the fiber.


Our minimum charge for any type of upholstery cleaning project is 60 euro. We will provide you with a clear price breakdown before we will start the job. Because an 1850 upholstery cleaning project will require way more attention and time than an IKEA upholstery, the prices vary dramatically. Either way, Upholstery Cleaning Dublin is one of the most cost effective upholstery cleaning companies in Dublin.


You can easily use our online booking form to send us an inquiry. You can also call us or you can email us. We will respond back with a free estimate within a matter of minutes. We accept EFT payments, all types of card payments, cash, Revolut and cheques.

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