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Why Us

While there are a number of carpet and sofa cleaning companies out there, there are very few mattress cleaning companies capable of providing good results and able to restore badly stained mattresses. Our company has seen it all and done it all over the past 17 years. We own the right technology and we employ the right people to be able to restore and refresh any type of mattress. We can achieve remarkable results even on mattresses that look hopeless. Even better, we use only eco-friendly mattress cleaning products from Cleanfast and Craftex. We provide free no obligation estimates and we are happy to deal with any commercial mattress cleaning project and any residential carpet cleaning project.


If your mattress gets a lot of usage there is a big chance of staining it, then you should consider one of our protectors. We will impregnate your mattress with a special fabric protector that will create a barrier between the mattress itself and the liquids. The protector will not fully seal the mattress but it will definitely reduce the level of staining and the permanent damage that can be done. Commercially used mattresses in hotels or student accommodation can really benefit from our amazing protectors.

Our Technology

Body fluids are the main reasons for mattress staining. Most of the mattress stains are made up of urine stains, blood stains, vomit, faeces and other types of body fluids. This is the main reason our company uses a mixture of enzyme pre-sprays and hot water extraction systems. The enzyme pre-sprays are the most efficient products to dissolve body fluids from most materials. The mattress will be deep cleaned with a mixture of hot water, mattress cleaning shampoos, odour neutralisers and disinfectants.

Basically our mattress cleaning machines will inject hot water and a mixture of cleaning agents deep inside the fiber of your mattress. After a good scrub, the whole mixture will be extracted with powerful extractors. Within this process most of the impregnated dirt, bacteria, odours , stains & whatever other stuff hides inside your mattress, will be extracted. Our antibacterial shampoos are also perfect for neutralizing mites.

Step 1: Pre-spray with enzyme removing agents

Step 2: Light scrub with special upholstery brushes

Step 3: Deep clean with hot water and eco shampoos

Step 4: Extraction and starting the drying process

Success Rate

There are no guarantees within the mattress cleaning industry. An old and stained mattress might never be fully restored but the stains will be less visible and the mattress will be fully disinfected and deodorised. In some cases, where a number of people are sharing the same mattress, a regular disinfection service is highly recommended.

Our company achieves amazing results in most cases. There are mattresses that are too far gone and impossible to clean but in 90% of the cases we can restore the mattress. It is also up to the owner to organize a mattress cleaning service as fast as possible after a spill on the mattress. The sooner we drop by, the bigger the chance of removing the stain in full.


The final price will depend on the size of your mattress, the condition of it, the location, access and also the number of mattresses. Booking a number of items can reduce the final cost and help you save over 30%. Our minimum charge for any kind of work is 60 euro. The final price for your mattress cleaning job will be provided after seeing a few photos of it or inspecting the site.