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Why Us

Most people love their sofas and allowing an inexperienced company to deal with it is not a good idea. You want to book our professional sofa cleaning service because you want to deal with a company that over the past 17 years has completed thousands of commercial and residential sofa cleaning projects. You also want to deal with a professional sofa cleaning company that is fully insured, capable of adapting to special requirements and available at short notice. Also, you probably expect to pay a fair price as well. You want to book our sofa cleaning service because you want your sofa deep cleaned with the most advanced sofa cleaning technology, you want it to dry quickly and you want it to be shampooed with 100% eco-friendly sofa cleaning shampoo.

Fair Prices

What is a fair price for a sofa cleaning project? Most sofa cleaning companies will charge based on the type of material, the condition of it, location, access & extra treatments required. Usually, any sofa cleaning company will have to pay advertising, staff, fuel, services, chemicals, equipment, loans, etc. Better the equipment, better quality shampoos and products, higher the final price.

Our company will provide all its customers with clear pricing before the job is started. We do not have a flat fee price for a project because there are no two sofas in the same condition. Just send us an online enquiry form and we will have a price for you within 5 minutes. We need to assess the size of your sofa, the condition of it, the extra services required (stain removal & protectors) and the location. Free no obligation estimates.

Shampoos | Odour Neutralizers | Disinfectants

We call it “deep sofa cleaning” but in fact there is much more. While the sofa is being shampooed with some of the best eco-friendly sofa cleaning shampoos, some other operations are happening at the same time:

Odour Neutralizing | A smelly sofa is not good. The sofa can absorb odours from the air, from your pets, kids or from yourself. All these odours end up inside the fiber of your sofa and can make it very smelly. We use powerful urine neutralizers, odour kill and deodorizers to neutralize odours and deodorize the fiber.

Disinfectants | Bad bacteria can hide very deep inside your sofa. This is the main reason our sofa cleaning services include disinfections. We will use some of the most efficient antibacterial agents that will neutralize all types of harmful bacteria that hide inside your sofa.

Sofa Cleaning Shampoos | We use highly efficient sofa cleaning shampoos from Craftex & Cleanfast. Depending on the type of fiber, we could be using up to 10 different shampoos. A wool sofa or a velvet sofa cannot be deep cleaned with high PH sofa cleaning shampoos and so on.

Drying Times

The estimated drying time is anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. The actual drying time can vary from project to project and it can depend on a number of factors like the room temperature, the room ventilation, the type of material, the type of additional services like protectors or scotchgards & so on. But if all the conditions are met, your sofa should be fully dry within 3 hours.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Our company also deals with a large number of leather sofa cleaning projects. We are happy to deep clean and polish any type of leather sofa. Our standard package for leather sofa cleaning includes deep cleaning with Nordicare Leather Cleaners, light stain removers and polishing with Nordicare Leather Cream. Your sofa will end up looking spotless, soft and fully sealed. For a free no obligation estimate please contact us.

Choose Sofa Cleaning Dublin, with over 17 years of trusted expertise, to give your sofa a fresh look. Our advanced eco-friendly cleaning methods, helps your sofa quick-drying and smelling fresh. Get a fair price and a free estimate tailored to your sofa. Experience a deep cleanse with our odor-neutralizing and disinfecting services. Whether fabric or leather, book online now for a quick sofa renewal with Sofa Cleaning Dublin – your partner for a cleaner, healthier space. Don’t forget, we also specialize in carpet, sofa, rug, mattress, and upholstery cleaning. Anchor your cleaning journey with us today!