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Carpet & Fabric Protectors

Why Use It

You love the way a soft carpet or a soft fabric feels. Its fluffiness makes you really enjoy your relaxation time. But the same soft and fluffy fiber can really absorb water and liquids. While some liquids will slightly wet the surface and then dry without staining or watermarking the surface, others can cause permanent damage. A glass of red wine, some ketchup, a bit of grease, some blood, etc, can leave a permanent stain or discoloration. This is where the carpet protector or the fabric protector comes in handy. The protector will create an invisible barrier between the carpet | fiber and the liquid. Whatever liquid is spilled on it, it will not be absorbed as fast as if there was no protector on. Basically, it gives you some time to clean the surface before it permanently stains the surface. It also prevents dust and skin flakes from easily depositing inside the carpet or fabric so it can be maintained easier.

Where To Use It

Our company provides deep sofa cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, deep upholstery cleaning, deep mattress cleaning, deep rug cleaning & deep chair cleaning since 2007. We offer all our customers the option of sealing their newly cleaned carpets or fabrics. Some people do use it and really enjoy the results while others chose not to and then they have to deal with the accidental spills and all the dirt that seems to love hiding inside the carpet.

We can 100% seal and protect pretty much any type of carpeted floor, any type of fabric sofa, any type of fabric upholstery, any type of fabric rug, any type of curtains and any type of mattress. Especially great results when dealing with brand new mattresses. The staining is reduced by 90%. So as long as your carpet, upholstery, sofa, mattress, rug or curtains are made from some type of artificial or natural fibers, we can definitely seal it and reduce its risk of staining.

How We Do It

We will start by deep cleaning the surface to extract as much dirt, residue and impregnated dirt. There is no point sealing an already dirty surface and trapping the dirt under the protector. After the initial deep cleaning, we will prepare a mixture of protectors from Craftex & Nordicare and we will proceed to sealing the surface. We have different types of protectors for different types of fibers. We use heavy duty carpet protectors from Craftex for all kinds of commercial and residential carpets and we use natural fabric protectors from Nordicare for all types of fabrics.

The protector is applied in a two coats system. The product will not glaze and it will not alter the original look and softness of the fiber. The carpet or fabric will look 100% the same as before, it will ventilate as usual but it will get stained less. Also, it will be much easier to vacuum and clean.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin uses some of the most durable and natural fabric and carpet protectors ever. The expected life span of the sealer is anywhere from 1 to 3 years traffic dependent. A very high traffic carpeted floor is likely to lose its protection much sooner than a residential carpet with low or very moderate traffic.

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