Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin


  • Innovative hot water extraction carpet cleaning technology

  • Highly effective 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning products

  • All our products are antibacterial and strong odour removers

  • Estimated drying times : 1-3 hours | Free estimates

  • Special deals and special packages available all the time

  • Create your own package deal and you can save up to 30%

  • We are happy to book commercial and residential projects

  • One of the most well established eco carpet cleaning companies

  • Book online | Pay online | Chat with us online | Free phone


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Why Us


Carpet Cleaning Dublin is not just another carpet cleaning company. We are not a fresh company looking for a quick profit. Carpet Cleaning Dublin is one of the most well established eco carpet cleaning contractors in Ireland and we have been deep cleaning carpets since 2009. Our company employs highly skilled carpet cleaning specialists capable of dealing with all types of issues and special requests. We use highly advanced carpet cleaning technology that enables us to work faster, better and to provide much more competitive prices. We are one of the most highly recommended and widely used carpet cleaning companies in Ireland because we are very good at what we do, we are reliable, we are affordable, we use professional carpet cleaning technology with only the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Hot Water Extraction


Carpet Cleaning Dublin uses a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. Basically we shampoo your carpets. A mixture of hot water, eco-friendly carpet cleaning shampoos, odour neutralizing agents & disinfectants will be used to pre-soak your carpets and start the process of breaking all types of stains, spots, odours & bacteria. Then a powerful extraction system will be used to agitate the carpet, inject hot water and extract the waste. More liquid extracted means quicker drying times. The hot water extraction system is by far the most efficient system with excellent cleaning power that ensures more effective dirt extraction and stain removal.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Disinfection | Odor Kill | Stain Removal


Not all carpets are the same and not all the carpet cleaning projects are likely to require the same level of cleaning. But we use the same top of the range products to clean all our projects. We call it the triple cleaning system:


  1. Pre-spraying the carpets to soften up the stain and facilitate easy extraction

  2. Pre-spraying the carpet with odour neutralizing agents

  3. Pre-spraying the carpet with powerful antibacterial agents to disinfect it


With these three steps, the carpet will be deep cleaned, disinfected and all types of bad odours (pet, food, damp, urine, etc) will be neutralized.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Drying Times


Our estimated drying time is somewhere between 1-3 hours depending on a number of factors like:


  1. The room ventilation

  2. The type of carpet

  3. The condition of it

  4. Number of washes


A carpeted floor that is located in a basement room with no ventilation is likely to take longer to dry. A thick carpet with a lot of underlay is likely to take a bit longer to dry. A very dirty carpet that requires many treatments and the use of a lot of water to clean it can take longer to dry. Either way, Carpet Cleaning Dublin will be doing its best to speed up the drying process and make sure that the quickest drying times will be achieved.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Prices


We would love to be able to create a standard price per room but there are so many factors that can increase or decrease the final price. The final price is quoted based on the size of the carpet, the condition of the carpet, the extra services required, access to the carpet & the location of the carpet. A wool carpet is likely to cost more to deep clean because wool carpet cleaning products are more expensive. A badly stained carpet that requires a lot of treatments is likely to cost more because the stain removers are also very expensive. A project far away from our base is likely to add to the final cost.


The best thing is to send us an online enquiry or to give us a call. Tell us a bit more about your carpet cleaning project and we will do all we can to provide you with the most competitive price.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin | Commercial & Domestic


Carpet Cleaning Dublin deals with hundreds of residential carpet cleaning projects and also hundreds of commercial carpet cleaning projects. We have the right skills and the right technology to undertake any type of carpet cleaning project regardless of size. Call us, email us or text us. We will provide you with a free no obligation estimate within 1 hour.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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